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The Brenex team has been delivering diverse solutions to its partners for over 20 years. A strong, ongoing portfolio has been developed by delivering consistent, positive results with an unmatched commitment to service excellence and ethical practices.

Brenex has broadened its base of activities, aimed at increasing revenue streams – providing an opportunity to invest in future developments for all stakeholders.

Frank Carioti and Roy Spagnolo, have established Brenex Pty Ltd as a successful development and construction company.

Brenex Pty Ltd specialises in developing quality commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties and actively seeks development opportunities throughout eastern Australia.



Brenex prides itself in delivering excellence in:

Scope & Design

Efficient Performance

Achieving Targets & Deadlines

Health & Safety and Environmental Management

Delivery of the Project

Brenex appreciates that many of our client’s projects are often high risk and difficult to implement. We minimise the risk and concern of every project by applying rigorous standards and lateral thinking. Whatever it takes, our projects stay online. We are in the best position to move with changing needs and requirements.

Occupational health and safety

Brenex places the utmost importance on Occupational Health and Safety awareness, and we are diligent in the continued delivery of safety performance at all levels on Brenex sites, without compromise.


Our construction services go far beyond that of a mere builder. From the initial stages of feasibility studies right through to the presentation of the keys, our involvement is as complete as our commitment.

Specialised services include complete and cost effective designs, the obtaining of all necessary approvals, even decorating and specialise client fitouts, if required. For more information please contact one of our directors Roy Spagnolo or Frank Carioti.

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